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Corvette is a premium brand of sports cars from General Motors, which includes other luxury brands such as Cadillac and Hummer. Since 2011 our company Todos Exclusive s.r.o. has been the only exclusive supplier of these brands to the Slovak market.

The Corvette Stingray is designed to resist convention. With its construction, it resists all rituals and clichés. It was created to oppose everything that is expected and to fight empty traditions and to explore the unknown.

Regarding the previous models, only two functional parts remain. The purpose is sacred. The engine is brand new. However, the smooth, aerodynamic exterior with distinctive aerial lines is familiar. Elegant, tuned, fastback. Structurally purposeful transition from coupé to convertible. For the first time in a decade, there comes a stunning engine with an aesthetic undertone and performance that honours the Stingray emblem.

A truly powerful car is built around the driver. The Corvette is designed to allow you to enjoy the ride to the last moment, both with its unique cockpit, aerodynamics, state-of-the-art technology and, above all, the stunning performance of all the Corvette's propulsion units.

About the brand

Every generation of Corvettes has a story to tell. In 1953, hearts burned for the C1 model – a low two-seater design with a laminated chassis. A decade later, the Corvette C2 StingRay saw the light of day and became a symbol of beauty and technical perfection during the night. Models C3, C4 and C5 followed, then they broke the rules of aerodynamics.

Model C6, whether Coupé or Convertible, the Z06 is based on LeMans' winning technology and sets new performance standards. In addition, a new era begins with the ZR1, the fastest Corvette in the brand's history. The C7 Stingray is the latest model of the brand.